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daisies what are you waiting for? LP
  • daisies what are you waiting for? LP

What Are You Waiting For? 12" LP

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Clean pop for a new morning
Like Sugar cubes in your tea.
Waking up bleary in a poster dress
A Paisley electronic underground
A sonic marriage
Something borrowed
something blue
for love purity and fidelity and another spite to the evil eye
Knot-tieing in sweet pop confections
put a daisy in your ear and a sixpence in your shoe”

released June 28, 2019

I found the Daisies album (released on June 28th, co-release by K Records and Perennial) recommended to me on Bandcamp (bless them): the description and image were instantly appealing. Upon hearing “Anyone’s Style” my first reactions were : “What the hell is this?” and “This is great!” at the same time. The style is hard to sum up but quite easy to place: think of a blend of twee-pop, triphop, and indie with psychedelic and experimental elements thrown in. A Saint Etienne on acid, DJ Shadow in a dress, an offbeat Dubstar? I hear the underground sound of the 90’s pass in all colours in modes and I am liking it. The avant-pop project Daisies is comprised of Chris McDonnell (CCFX, TransFX), David Jaques (CCFX, CC DUST) and singer Valerie Warren.

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